Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is only the beginning...

Let me start off by saying...I can't even feel my legs. Today was very intense! I was selected to perform in a piece by a choreographer from the Bay area. We started rehearsals for that yesterday. I have to add these rehearsals to my to do list on top of regular dance classes and the administration work. The work she is setting on us is very grounded and athletic. I think just about every part of my body has a bruise on it! I never thought about how demanding the professional world is. You rehearse for hours at a time for seven days a week for a eight minute show. Two days later you're back in the studio doing the same thing over again!! I definitely felt my body change. There was a point where my body said "I've had enough". My legs felt numb and I wanted to vomit! I pushed through and kept dancing. At that point I knew that I was strong enough to finish the day. The next day was a lot easier. It's only been three days and I have already learned so much!

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