Friday, July 11, 2014

My long term goals

I have a few goals as an artist.  I want to make a lot of work throughout my life, I want people to see that work, and to be able to live off of that.  I would make commissioned work for some outdoor setting, and sell individual works.  I would also make stuff out in nature or on the street that would be free to look at.  Most of my work will probably be like that.  Or I might just have a professional persona I put on for galleries, and have a whole different one for street or field art.  You can't sell everything you make.  Ultimately, by the end of my life, it would be pretty cool if I land an exhibit on the roof of the Metropolitan.  I could die happy after that point.
For now, I have so many ideas.  If I can manage to execute them while I am in school, that would be nice. A lot of them probably wont happen during that time though.  Some will, but I cannot always incorporate my own already solidified ideas into a project.  After I graduate, my plan is to go live in Croatia for a bit.  Probably a year or so.  My father emigrated from there while it was still communist Yugoslavia.  Now, however, it is a beautiful place.  It always was actually, there were just some bad ideas.  Anyway, I have a bed in the house my dad grew up in.  We live in a really nice vacation spot, it is packed with tourists and vacationers from May to October.  But the rest of the year, my town is pretty much locals only.  Which is good because I need to take a year or so just to isolate myself from people and institutions.  I have been in school for 15 years, pretty much all of my consciously aware life.  I need a breather, and I need to focus.  In school, I am trying to get a degree while making art.  But here, after I get my degree, I am simply making art.  However, in this setting, there is a whole new terrain, a whole new culture of people.  Different materials laying around, and different reactions waiting to happen.  Croatia has existed as a republic since 1991, so the art scene there is still pretty underground, or just not happening quite yet.  I want to start something there, I don't know about a life but a movement would be cool... I have a few friends there who are interested in the arts, so who knows.

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