Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Studio Art: The Financial Issue

      After spending time with Shelley, I made note of how she deals with the economic side of being an artist.  She was doing things that I have not really thought a whole lot about, such as saving all of the receipts from her purchases for tax purposes.  She also told me about the process of applying for grants when dealing with museum exhibits, for sometimes your ideas cannot be fully executed with sole monetary contribution.  A helping hand never hurt anyone.  I still have much to learn, however.  I have not been tossed into the ocean just yet.  I am perfecting my stroke, but, I am still in the pool, in the shallow on the shelf.  I can always wade back to land if need be.  I never forget where shore is.  But soon, I will be able to proceed into the deep blue, where only the cunning can evade the hooks and traps and predators.  To glide with vigor; silent rage.

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