Friday, July 11, 2014

One main thing that Shelley and I have been working on is making a visual sketch of what her exhibit will look like.  We are creating in her studio what she will hope to have set up in the museum, in the same fashion.  For example, she has some work that she wants suspended from the ceiling.  So in order to do that, we had to do a few things.  We went and bought a bunch of cheap two by fours.  Then we had to locate the wood studs on the ceiling, so that the wood is firmly attached, not hanging loose in a plaster ceiling panel.
Another big part of this project is the actual creative process.  Her exhibit is in a year from now, but there is still stuff she has not made.  That is because she is still finding her material.  She uses all sorts of found wood.  Some of which is due to my presence.  Since I too am a collector and finder of things on the street, I take note of things Shelley also might want.  It is as easy as taking a picture and texting it to her.  It is a cool feeling to contribute ideas and actions towards someone else's potential art exhibit.

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