Saturday, July 26, 2014

Planning, Pricing, and Launching

Hey Everyone! The last couple of weeks Machele has had me do a lot of research for a few of her up coming projects. We have been working together to identify some of the issues that each project will face and how to work though through them. Here is a little break down of some of the process we have been going through for the past few weeks. 

  • Planning: To plan for a product there are a lot of things to consider. Once the initial design process is over we have to make a plan for what materials are going to be used and consider the potential  constraints. Taking to consideration for example, how durable does this product need to be? how strong of an adhesive is necessary? what kind of printing process will be needed? what sizes will be appropriate?
  • Pricing: After we have answered the questions of materiality and process we have to do extensive research on what the cost of the whole project would be and come up with a price to sell it at. THe pricing process can be difficult because we often have to go back to the drawing board if we find out a particular route wont turn out to be cost effective.
  • Launching: Once we have all of the materials for a project figured out and the plan has been set in motion the product has to be launched. This includes updating social media and vendor websites to include and promote the new product. Online presence is important for a brand so that you can get the word out and generate traffic to your site when you have a new product. 

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