Saturday, July 12, 2014

This week in Kay's studios we had interviews with 3 women. Since Kay's project is all about lost objects that you wish were still around these women were telling their stories about their objects. One of the ladies had lost a glass vase that she had brought over from Germany when they had to flee from the Nazi's. After her sister took it when she married she died unexpectedly and the woman never saw it again. The way she talked about her experiences in Germany and then coming over here to Philadelphia was quiet amazing. At one point she mentioned how they wouldn't let you leave the country with more then ten dollars so her mother sewed coins in the hems of their dresses to conceal the money. All these stories showed me what this project is really about because when I am assisting Kay with her project sometimes I forget that it isn't about seeing if I can burn and print a screen in one day but more of the finished project and how it is going to impact people who see it.

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