Monday, August 11, 2014

First Meeting...

With my first official meeting with Myra, I was able to actually get to work in her studio. We started warping frame looms, which, if you can picture it, is just strings making figure 8's through and around an empty wooden frame. Warping the loom is the process of making the figure 8's so that this threading may be used as the base for the actual yarn to be woven into. The cross in the figure 8 is crucial as it keeps the threads evenly spaced and untangled through the rest of the weaving process. Once the loom is warped, toilet paper is woven for a few inches at either end. The toilet paper leaves just enough room to cut the tapestry off the loom at the end without having to cut through the weaving and ruining hours of work. On top of each section of toilet paper, a couple strands of thread are braided and twisted around the warp to further space out each thread. Going into this, I was under the impression that the string was simply wrapped around the frame, and you were ready to start weaving. But, as you can see, there is much, much more in the process and following this process is what sets asides a simple weaving from a work of art.

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