Wednesday, August 27, 2014

NCSU Learning Styles & Strategies Assessment

     I recently took the learning styles assessment on the provided link from North Carolina State University.  There are 4 categories of different scales. Active versus reflective learning; sensing versus intuitive learning; visual versus verbal learning; sequential versus global learning.
     My results show that I am both an active learner and a reflective learner. Active learning means that when I learn something new, I have to do a physical practice of this thing, draw it out, or tell someone about it, rather than just doing it.  Reflective learning is simply thinking about the newly learned skill.   This makes a lot of sense because while I tend to think a lot about doing something before I actually do it, once I actually do it, all of it clicks.
     I am more of an intuitive learner than a sensing learner, which means that I enjoy learning about possibilities and relationships more than concrete, factual things.  I like innovation more than repetition.  Hence, I want to do different things all the time.  The last thing I want to do is to work for the machine in a cubicle or something like that.  I want to do different projects and achieve different goals, all the time.  I want to travel and experience new, different cultures.
      On the scale between verbal and visual learning, I placed a 9 out of 11.  I am extremely visual, for if someone is lecturing, it would help if they had a picture to go along with it. This would explain why I do quite well in my art history classes. If I see something, I get it.
     Between sequential and global learning, I am sequential, meaning I learn better in small or individual learning levels, with steps on how to do something– as opposed to learning in large groups and getting the solution in unorthodox ways.  Although I sometimes, rarely, learn in a global manner, I am much more inclined to understand after rigorous explanation and visual aid, which includes looking at a list of steps.  Rarely will I present a solution without explaining myself.  This can be related to the art I produce.  The decisions I make are well thought out.  Sometimes it takes me a while to produce a solution, but when I do, it works.  And I am able to explain it when the time comes.

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