Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Final Reflection

Hi y'all.  I hope everyone has had a meaningful experience as a 2014 Summer Fellow.  My experience was pretty chill.  I helped out Shelley Spector for 2 months.  I assisted her in doing many simple things that she herself could do, but for the sake of time, I can replace her.  She would make the educated decisions in terms of her work and if something physical and minor had to be done, there I was.  She was very calm about everything she did, for she budgets her time well and is aware of when something needs to be done and how soon.  On top of being a full-time artist, Shelley is a mother and a wife.  She really balances it all out.  I do not know if I could have a family of my own and get really into my art. I think I would have to see where I go on my own while I am young and have the energy.  Sure I'll have a companion or something of the sort, maybe, but kids are just a whole realm I am not ready for.  My only offspring is my body of work, which I am still very much trying to render and define.  But Shelley is well into her adulthood, so whatever.
   I plan to continue helping Shelley out.  I think I will continue to learn from her and maybe even meet some nice people along the way.  I am also planning to intern at a local gallery, The Kugel Collaborative.  It is an art space provided by the Chabad organization of Uarts and surrounding Philly art schools.  All of the displayed work is created by Jewish students or graduates.  It is relatively new and we are trying to make it a dominant presence in the art community.  I have shown work there on occasion, and now I have the chance to have a part time position as a curator and gallery manager.  In the past we have only had the gallery open during receptions, because nobody really works there or anything; the Rabbi is a busy man and can not always be in there during the day.  But now if there are people who commit time to keeping the gallery open during daytime hours, who knows who could stumble on in and see the cool work that is exhibited.
I am really looking forward to the year to come.  I hope everyone has gained something from this and will proceed to prosper in the art community.

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